The prepaid multi-network SIM card from simHERO works throughout Europe and connects your DÖRR Surveillance camera SnapShot Cloud 4G quickly and easily to the Internet. It works independent from specific networks and provides maximum network coverage.
In cooperation with DÖRR GmbH as a sales partner, simHERO offers monthly and annual data plans. The quantity of images listed in the tariff is for orientation only and may differ from the actual quantity of images due to the camera setting. Each data plan is valid for either 1 month or 12 months. The validity period starts at the time of purchase on All relevant information about the data plan and the SIM card are available in the end-user portal. If the data credit has been used up or the end of the validity period has been reached, the SIM card will be deactivated. Only by purchasing a new data package on the simHERO portal the SIM card will be activated again. With the re-activation of the SIM card, a data connection is available again for sending the pictures.

  • Pre-configured data SIM card for DÖRR Surveillance camera SnapShot Cloud 4G
  • Automatically searches for the best network (over 100 mobile networks in Europe)
  • Uses the 2G, 3G and 4G network
  • Can be used in all EU countries
  • No minimum consumption, no fixed contract term

Overview plans Dörr Multi-SIM

Monthly plans

  •   3,50 € - 40 MB simHERO Dörr plan
    • [approx. 700 images with lowest quality] 
  •   4,90 € - 60 MB simHERO Dörr plan
    • [approx. 1100 images with lowest quality] 
  •   6,90 € - 500 Bilder simHERO Dörr plan
    • [approx. 10000 images with lowest quality] 
  • 13,90 € - 1.000 MB simHERO Dörr plan
    • [approx. 20000 images with lowest quality]

Annual plans

  • 59,90 € - 1.000 MB simHERO Dörr plan
    • [approx. 20000 images with lowest quality]
  • 79,90 € - 2.000 MB simHERO Dörr plan
    • [approx. 40000 images with lowest quality] 
  • 99,90 € - 3.000 MB simHERO Dörr plan
    • [approx. 60000 images with lowest quality]